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Webinar: climate finance in France and Germany

On November 18th 2019 Institute for Climate Economics in cooperation with New Climate Institute and WiseEuropa conducted a webinar entitled ‘Exploring Different Funding Models for the Energy Transition: Insights from a comparative analysis of the Landscape of Climate Finance in France and Germany’. As countries move forward to implement national climate strategies, National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and more broadly Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), there is an increasing need to understand how to transform investment needs into capital raising and financing plans. This webinar looked at the insights that tracking domestic climate investment and finance can provide to the climate policy and planning process and implementation. The recent results from the 2019 Edition of I4CE’s Landscape of Climate Finance in France and recent work by IKEM on the building sector in Germany were presented and compared. Best practices in assessment of current investment levels and supporting an increase in sustainable financial flows were explored as a basic building block of forward-looking analysis and production of investment plans as a part of national climate strategies.

Moderation: Ian Cochran, I4CE (Institute for Climate Economics)


– Introduction: New work on climate finance and investment tracking

– Presentation of New Insights:

– Discussion:

  • What are we seeing in terms of key difference between the investment and financing models between countries? What lessons could countries take away?
  • What methodological improvements in recent studies can help improve policymaking and the assessment of the climate finance and investment ‘gap’?

– Conclusions: Current and future developments – where are we at?

The recording is available below: