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Climate-KIC network annual partner meeting

On February 15, the meeting of Polish members of the Climate-KIC network, including WiseEuropa, took place in Warsaw.

During the annual meeting of Climate-KIC Association, Aleksander Śniegocki, Project Manager Energy and Climate, demonstrated the results of GREBUCO (Green building co-benefits calculator) project that was implemented in cooperation with Wrocław Research Centre EIT+. Under the project, WiseEuropa has developed a prototype calculator of social benefits resulting from the improvement of buildings’ energy efficiency. WiseEuropa has been a member of Climate-KIC since 2016, and during this time it published, among others, a study on inductive charging of electric vehicles under the car-sharing scheme planned in Warsaw.

GREBUCO project

GREBUCO, or Green building co-benefits calculator, is a project, which, according to Climate-KIC methodology, belongs to the Pathfinder Projects group, i.e. projects that are at an early stage of development — they only embark on the path from an idea to a finished product. The calculator well responds to the needs of, among other, business entities and local govenrments. It provides knowledge and justifications for planning investments and implementing projects on thermal upgrading of buildings, taking into account their impact on the local economy, the labour market and the health of citizens. This tool can also be helpful for investors, who will be able to utilize it not only to estimate the return on planned investments in various pro-efficiency solutions, but also to assess their impact on the environment, following the principles of corporate social responsibility.

About Climate-KIC

Climate-KIC is the Europe’s largest partner network associating the entities and communities that address the climate change issues. It brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, universities and public administration representatives. It focuses on educational activities, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. Climate-KIC has branches and offices in ten European countries.

This year’s meeting of Climate-KIC partners took place in Warsaw, and was hosted by the Institute of Geological Sciences at Polish Academy of Sciences. The meeting was attended by representatives of Polish scientific and research centres, Warsaw Municipal Council, consulting companies and venture capital funds. The representatives of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology were also present.

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