The energy clusters – study co-authored by WiseEuropa

On 9 March, the report on ‘The concept of the energy clusters operation’ study was published by the Ministry of Energy. WiseEuropa co-authored the study providing the economic and financial analyses of energy clusters.

“The best possible techniques of using intelligent and low-carbon solutions are employed in the development of distributed energy, but it also requires a strategic decision” – stated the introduction to the report published by the Ministry. This document is one of the papers intended to assist in making these decisions. The study was prepared by The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (a consortium leader), WiseEuropa and the ATMOTERM, with the participation of Krajowy Instytut Energetyki Rozproszonej.

WiseEuropa experts presented the analysis of energy clusters’ financial efficiency. It concluded that the positive effects of interaction within the cluster can significantly increase the attractiveness of distributed energy sources. At current stage of technological and market environment development, distributed energy that is being refined within the clusters will continue to require support, although not as much as in the case of non-coordinated development of RES. Due to this fact, the development of distributed energy in the form of clusters will contribute to achieving such energy policy goals as improving air quality, combating climate change, boosting energy security and stimulating the development of local economy.

The report is the starting point for further works and discussions with the parties concerned regarding the future of energy clusters in Poland.

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Aleksander Śniegocki