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WiseEuropa in new report of Bruegel

Maciej Bukowski and Aleksander Śniegocki from WiseEuropa have prepared the chapter on Central and Eastern Europe in the new report “Remaking Europe: the new manufacturing as an engine for growth” of Bruegel.

WiseEuropa’s experts describe industrialization in Central and Eastern Europe from a historical perspective. They point out the main drivers developing Poland’s economy after 1989, such as the inflow of new technologies and know-how through direct foreign investment, as well as Poland’s accession to the European Union.
According to the WiseEuropa recommendations included in the report, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe must strongly support investment in research and development of their key manufacturing sectors and the most promising services. It is also crucial to simultaneously attract foreign capital and know-how to close the technological gap between Western and Central Europe – says the authors.