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Climate Change Performance Index 2018

About 300 climate experts contributed to this year’s edition of the Climate Change Performance Index with their evaluation of national climate policies. Among them is Aleksander Śniegocki, WiseEuropa energy and climate project manager.

The Climate Change Performance Index 2018 (CCPI) confirms these developments in Greenhouse-Gas-emissions (GHG), renewable energies and energy use for some countries but also still clearly shows a current general lack of ambitious targets and sufficient implementation for a Paris-compatible pathway.

With comparably positive developments in renewables and per capita emissions, Sweden ranks 4th in this year’s CCPI – following the empty top three. A relatively low emissions level and a very high trend in renewable energy are reasons for Lithuania’s 5th rank. Profiting from a good policy evaluation and relatively high 2030 targets, Morocco lands on position six, followed by Norway. India ranks 14th with a still low level of per capita emissions and energy use. China on the contrary, with its high emissions and a growing energy use over the past five years, still ranks 41st. But better placements in the next years can be expected, since national experts highlighted the country has implemented policies to phase out coal capacity as well as promoting renewables and electric mobility.

The Climate Change Performance Index 2018 is available on the website of Germanwatch.


The Climate Change Performance Index by Germanwatch and the NewClimate Institute is a ranking of the 56 countries and the EU, together responsible for about 90% of global GHG emissions. The methodology was improved in for the 2018 edition. The four categories examined are: emissions (40%), renewable energy (20%), energy use (20%) and climate policy (20%). The latter is based on expert assessments by NGOs and think tanks from the respective countries. One of the major achievements is that the CCPI now also evaluates to what extent the respective countries are taking adequate action within the categories emissions, renewables and energy use to being on track towards the global Paris-goal of limiting global warming to well below 2°C.

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