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WiseEuropa Institute is an independent think-tank based in Warsaw, undertaking a strategic reflection on European politics, foreign policy and economy. The mission of WiseEuropa is to improve the quality of Polish and European policy-making as well as the overall business environment by promoting the use of sound economic and institutional analysis, independent research and evidence-based approach to impact assessment. WiseEuropa intends to stimulate and inspire the public debate on the future of Poland and Europe. We are convinced that within a free society all important public decisions must be preceded by a detailed and comprehensive deliberation. This is why our institute is engaging citizens, entrepreneurs, experts and policymakers from Poland and other countries in a joint reflection on the EU’s and Poland‘s modernisation agenda as well as the EU’s and Poland’s role in the world.


    WiseEuropa – Fundacja Warszawski Instytut Studiów Ekonomicznych
    i Europejskich
    Al. Jerozolimskie 99 lok. 18
    02-001 Warszawa
    Bank PKO BP. S.A.

    IBAN PL 52 1020 1068 0000 1002 0223 3435

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    Wojciech Białożyt
    Managing Director
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