DOMINIKA JĘDRZEJCZAK Expert on Spatial Planning

She is involved in the implementation of the project “Participation in Planning” (POWR.02.19.00-00-KP13 / 18), whose aim is to support local governments in the process of planning documents by improving the quality of social consultations and promoting the idea of ​​sustainable development.

She is a town planner with many years of experience in working with local governments. She is a co-author of dozens of communal planning documents – local plans and conditional studies. Working in an urban office, she created concepts for land development and spatial analysis. It also functioned in the structures of the municipal self-government, directing a report responsible for shaping the spatial policy in one of the city gardens near Warsaw. She is a member of the municipal Urban and Architectural Commission, where he has advisory functions for mayors and mayors. She actively works to strengthen the role of the urbanist profession.