European projects at WiseEuropa

Since 2013, WiseEuropa has been consistently expanding its portfolio of European-level projects. It participates in several Horizon 2020 and Europe for Citizens projects and coordinates a number of initiatives covering the CEE region.

While conducting Polish and international research projects, WiseEuropa has been making the most of its quantitative and qualitative research toolkit. It works regularly with the Polish government on designing and assessing public policies. This includes WiseEuropa experts’ involvement in the preparation of overarching and sectoral strategies, provision of expert advice and participation in government committees.

WiseEuropa participates in and coordinates numerous national, regional and European projects. It has established its unique dissemination and outreach capacity in Poland, CEE region and at the EU level, presenting its project findings and facilitating discussions among policymakers, business, academia and media during public and behind-closed-doors events. WiseEuropa works with its international partners through the European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (, European Policy Institutes Network (, EIT Climate-KIC ( and the Crowdhelix Network (

WiseEuropa can contribute to European research projects in the following fields:

  • Climate action
  • Clean energy and energy efficiency
  • Circular economy and natural resources management
  • Smart & sustainable cities
  • Sustainable transport
  • Digital and innovation policies
  • Trade policies, transatlantic relations
  • Europe’s relations with Asia & Pacific
  • Migration challenges
  • Labour market and social policies

Key WiseEuropa’s competencies include:

  • Macroeconomic modelling using large-scale DSGE and DCGE models top-down policy instruments and bottom-up investment efforts resulting from overarching and sectoral policies (e.g. innovation, labour market, regional development, climate and energy).
  • Development of quantitative assessment tools for various sectors, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, mining, finances and ICT. Applications stretch from ex-ante to ex-post assessment of public policies and business strategic choices.
  • Socio-economic data analysis, on both macro- and micro-level based on broad range of econometric methods applied to areas of labour and social policy, digital economy, sustainable development, circular economy, energy and climate action.
  • Qualitative socio-economic and socio-political assessment of public policies, labour market, innovative technologies and business models (sociological, institutional etc.).
  • Unique expertise in the area of financial sector and capital market development in Poland, in particular related to sustainable finance.
  • Expertise in the political economy of international trade, including economic, political, social and strategic dimensions of the world’s main regional or bilateral trade agreements (e.g. TPP, NAFTA, TTIP and other deals negotiated by the EU) as well as the monitoring of WTO and G20 activities.
  • In-depth knowledge of international relations, in particular regions outside Europe (including Middle East, Central Asia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America), with special focus on the EU’s economic and political relations with those regions.
  • Deep understanding and involvement in public debate on abovementioned policies in the EU with particular focus on Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

WiseEuropa’s experience in European projects includes:

  • DYNAMIX project (2013-2016, 7FP)
    • Project website:
    • Focus: policy mixes for resource efficiency and absolute decoupling,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: qualitative social assessment and quantitative economic modelling of the policy mixes.
  • SEnECA project (2018-2019, H2020)
    • Project website:
    • Focus: improving research cooperation and strengthening capacities in research and policy advice in the EU and Central Asia,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: analytical work on economic relations, trade, development and natural resources, including the environment, cultural and other relations.
  • COP21:RIPPLES project (2016-2020, H2020)
    • Project website:
    • Focus: evolution of global climate policy framework and its implications for the EU,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: developing national low-carbon transition pathways for Poland, macroeconomic modelling focusing on carbon leakage risks and alternative financing strategies for low-carbon investments
  • #EngagEU project (2018-2019, Europe for Citizens)
    • Project website:
    • Focus: increasing youth participation and promoting youth-relevant topics in the 2019 European Parliament elections,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: organisation of the collection and consultation process for ideas regarding the future of the European Union   in Poland.
  • TENSE project (2018-2020, Europe for Citizens)
    • Focus: increasing and promoting the knowledge about the nation-building processes after 1918 in Eastern Europe,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: consortium leader, responsible for implementation of research activities and organisation of the project events, including workshops and exhibition in Warsaw and Brussels.
  • NAVIGATE project (2019-2023, H2020)
    • Project website:
    • Focus: improving Integrated Assessment Models used to support climate policymaking,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: contribution to modelling of global decarbonisation scenarios within DSGE framework as well as assessment of global climate policy impacts on the regional level.
  • NewTrends project (2020-2023, H2020)
    • Focus: integration of emerging, policy-relevant trends in energy modelling,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: coordination of dissemination and communication activities, preparing recommendations for better design  of energy-demand modelling based on policymakers’ needs.
  • CINTRAN project (2020-2024, H2020)
    • Focus: socio-economic and socio-political analysis of drivers determining the pace and outcomes of structural transformation in  carbon-intensive regions,
    • WiseEuropa’s role: contribution to quantitative and qualitative socio-economic and socio-political analysis, coordination of a case study covering Silesia region.
  • Other relevant WiseEuropa’s work includes:
    • coordinating two international projects in the CEE region within the framework of the EUKI – European Climate Initiative (CEE Climate Policy Frontier, Landscape of Climate Finance), and participating as a partner in further two projects (Climate-Friendly Materials Platform, Climate Recon 2050);
    • implementing projects focused on various aspects of systemic climate and energy innovation in cooperation with industry and research institutions within the EIT Climate-KIC network, including projects on hydrogen and e-mobility, co-benefits of energy efficiency investments and transition in carbon-intensive regions);
    • conducting studies for the European Commission and European Parliament;
    • implementing policy-focused projects with communication and dissemination components in cooperation with key NGOs and business associations operating in Poland and on the EU level;
    • conducting policy assessments and analytical studies related to labour market, social policies, regional development, industrial policy, innovation support, energy transition and low-emission development for the Polish Government (including projects for the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy).






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