Polish Sustainable Recovery Monitor

As the countries across the globe face the challenge of rebuilding their economies after the COVID-19 shock, each one develops their own approaches to supporting the recovery. While this effort creates opportunities for diverting resources to sustainable investments and addressing our long-term environmental challenges, in particular climate change, in many cases this potential remains untapped. We believe that there are many opportunities for policymakers, experts and all other stakeholders involved in recovery effort for international mutual learning and knowledge exchange.

This is why we are launching the Polish Sustainable Recovery Monitor, which collects information on recovery measures in Poland in a form of brief monthly updates.We have divided the Monitor into two parts. The first covers overarching measures, encompassing many sectors and multiple financial tools. The second parts provides sectoral insights. We focus on policies and projects that relate to energy transition and climate action.


If you would like to receive monthly email updates with new issues of the Monitor, please send an email:

Zofia Wetmańska
Senior Analyst, WiseEuropa


Aleksandra Ziębka
Head of Communication & PR, WiseEuropa