The launch of the “Hospitable Poland 2022+” report

The Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine has resulted in a number of socio-economic challenges for Poland. Currently, Poland needs an effective strategy to cope with the influx of people fleeing the war and also to create a vision of the future, taking into account the challenges and opportunities emerging in various areas of socio-economic life – consequently, the „Hospitable Poland 2022+” project has been based on these assumptions.

Leading representatives of Polish science and the third sector were invited to collaborate on
the initiative in order to find the answers to the following questions, eg.: How should the education system be organised? In what way should healthcare work? What challenges does the current situation bring in the intercultural field?

The influx of millions of people fleeing the war triggered by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was met in Poland by an unprecedented grassroots movement of spontaneous social support for those fleeing the war. There are four main stakeholders involved in helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine to form a support network. These are: non-governmental organisations; grassroots civil society initiatives; local governments; and government institutions.

The launch of the “Hospitable Poland 2022+” report

We invite you to the premiere of the report “Hospitable Poland 2022+. How to wisely support Poland and Poles in helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine “, in which we try to show the challenges faced by the stakeholders involved in helping, but also possible solutions that can help us deal with the challenges ahead.

We would like to invite you to a substantive discussion on how, in various areas, to guide Poland and Ukrainian citizens staying with us through the process of “soft integration” and building the foundations for their “hard integration” in the future, if they decide to stay in Poland.

When: June 21 at at 10:30-13:00.

Where: Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy (Dreamers and Artisans), Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy, 3rd floor, Bracka 25, Warsaw.

REGISTER RIGHT NOW! For those, who can not be with us in person, it will be possible to watch streaming online.

The migration crisis that Poland currently faces is, after the political and economic transformation of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the greatest challenge of the last few decades. It requires the preparation of a comprehensive and coherent plan for the management of individual public policies by the government, local governments, NGOs and grassroots social initiatives. Only such an approach will allow us to deal with the challenges and seize the opportunities Ukraine and Poland may have. 


Project team:

Marek Balicki, Maria Baran, Jakub Bińkowski, Olga Bochkar, Michał Boni, Maciej Bukowski, Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, Iwona Ciećwierz, Maciej Duszczyk, Olgierd Dziekoński, Tomasz Gajderowicz, Marta Gorczyńska, Halina Grzymała-Moszczyńska, Maciej Jakubowski, Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Witold Klaus, Adam Kozierkiewicz, Iuliia Lashchuk, Radomir Matczak, Jacek Michałowski, Jakub Michałowski, Ignacy Niemczycki, Robert Pater, Oleksandr Pustovyi, Michał Sęk, Filip Szulik-Szarecki, Rafał Trzeciakowski, Jędrzej Witkowski, Jerzy Wiśniewski, Jakub Wygnański.


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