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Activity Review 2022

Energy transition, rising inflation and transport exclusion of non-metropolitan areas are the main topics that WiseEuropa experts analyzed in 2022. In the “Activity Review 2022”, we present a summary of the results of these analyzes and our achievements related to them. 

The Review includes information about the main objectives of the WiseEuropa’s programs, descriptions of projects carried out within their framework, as well as mentions of events during which our experts were able to present the results of their work more broadly. The Review offers a full bibliography of our publications in 2022, media successes, but also details of our cooperation with other representatives of the third sector and the effects of dialogue with stakeholders.  

WiseEuropa have been working to analyze important issues affecting the Polish economy. We continue to participate in the public debate on measures aimed at improving the quality of life in Poland, providing free and open access to the results of our research.