TENSE project summary – The Emergence of New States in Eastern Europe in 1918 – Lessons for Entire Europe

The project ‘The Emergence of New States in Eastern Europe in 1918 – Lessons for Entire Europe’ (TENSE), implemented by WiseEuropa, was completed In March 2020. It was a project that focused on the process of building nations after 1918 in Eastern Europe.

The project aimed to increase knowledge in a region characterized by common features of processes presenting nations as a system of connected vessels, but also to show the differences between them, placing them in a broader European context. In order to achieve all project goals there were established a consortium gathering various actors from the Eastern Europe varying from local administration through think-tanks and academia up to journals which published a report and series of articles on the post-First World War nation-building processes in the Eastern Europe and their relevance for the current Europe. They were based on regional approach to the region trying to extract the main common elements of this period. The main message of these publications were transformed into public exhibition which were presented in all participant countries and in Brussels in order to reach out a wider audience in Europe.

As part of the project, there were organized open debates with the participation of local experts, scientists and journalists to stimulate citizens to acquire knowledge in the area covered by the project. There were also published series of publications in widely recognized and well-known Europe-oriented magazines that are available throughout the European Union.

The TENSE project also brought together European experts focused on nation building processes to enrich their research on regional impact in their home countries through the European context of these events and many common points. He also contributed to the creation of a scientific network influencing public debate in the European Union, as well as later after the project. As part of the project, an exhibition presenting the political situation in Eastern European partner countries was also prepared, which was shown during debates organized as part of the project.

As part of the project, meetings were held – debates and presentation of the exhibition on the subject of the project in the following countries:
1.30 March 2019, in Warsaw, Poland,
2.25 April 2019, in Kaunas, Lithuania,
3.10 June 2019, in Riga, Latvia,
4. September 16, 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia,
5. October 3, 2019 in Pori, Finland,
6. February 4, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

The project TENSE was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”. All details on the implemented project are available below (TENSE – Project information)





 TENSE – Project information


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