Mainstreaming Climate Finance Discussions – notes from webinars and recommendations

Within the framework of the “Landscape of Climate Finance: Promoting debate on climate finance flows in Central Europe” project, on 18th of December and 29th of June we have organized two webinars:

1. Climate Investment & Sustainable Finance
2. Climate finance tracking and the design of recovery packages

with an aim to discuss global trends as well as most recent developments with regards to climate finance tracking in the CEE region. Key themes discussed include:

• Aligning finance with the Paris Agreement
• EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance
• Climate finance and the NECPs & long-term climate strategies

You can access detailed agenda of the meetings as well as the publication containing notes and recommendations arising from the associated discussions through the following links:

1. Mainstreaming climate finance discussions_Webinar notes and recommendations

2. Climate Investment & Sustainable Finance: What progress and insights for the CEE region?

3. Climate finance tracking and the design of recovery packages: from global practice to the Polish context