GREEN TURNAROUND. Regulatory changes to the EU trade policy

CEE countries should change their attitude towards green trade and carry out a “green turnaround” on a regional scale. Accelerating the pace of the green transition will improve the competitive advantage of the region’s producers, and will bring economic benefits to them. However, in their operations they need to focus on environmental issues more closely.

The European Commission has proposed a number of legislative initiatives at EU level aimed at greening EU trade policy. These initiatives will have an impact on levelling the competitive position of producers in Europe and in third countries, but will also entail new obligations on the part of EU operators. The changes initiated by the implementation of these initiatives may translate into opportunities for Polish producers to attract contractors and relocate production from Asia. For this to be successful, however, it is necessary to implement appropriate measures and prepare for the upcoming changes. In our latest report on the regulatory changes to the EU’s trade policy, we explain how to do this.

Read the report written by Kamil Laskowski and Wojciech Lewandowski.