Keeping the balance – recommendations from the report | WEBINAR

We kindly invite you to attend a webinar, organised by WiseEuropa, which will be held on the ZOOM platform. The event will be a platform to discuss the compiled recommendations from our final GTN report Keeping the balance. We would like you to take part and comment on our conclusions.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022.Time: 10 am –11:30 am

One of the frequently discussed issues relating to the transition towards climate neutrality in the EU is the external impact and aspect of the proposed legislation changes. European Green Deal is therefore perceived as the threat to the competitiveness of domestic industries and, especially in the CEE region, as an essential challenge for the producers of our region relying on the substitutionally of their activity with imports from the outside of the EU. Simultaneously, as the emissions globally rose and one of the main drivers was perceived to be an open and free trade, a lot of attention has been devoted to the potential of reducing environmental and social impacts of globalized value chains. Against this background, one of the emerging policy responses to these issues has been the recent legislative offensive of the European Commission aimed at “greening” of the trade policy of the EU.

Therefore, the “green trade” has been a subject of our 1-year long project in which we analysed the changing landscape of the EU legislation related to the environmental conditions in goods and services exchange. We summarized the conclusions from our works in three publications of policy briefs related to the position of the CEE producers in value chains, new regulatory requirements and the changes resulting from the process of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) negotiations. Hereby we invite you for the presentation of the final report in which we summarize and conclude the results of the project.

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