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Circular food production in the city. New insight written by WiseEuropa experts

Climate-KIC released a new series of insights on accelerating the transition to sustainable production systems. The insight co-written by Aleksander Śniegocki (Project Manager Energy and Climate) and Yvonne Mitschka (Mercator Fellow) presents a case study on how the Climate-KIC start-up GrowUp Urban Farms developed the first commercial urban aquaponics farm in the UK using a closed-loop approach.

The case was singled out by WiseEuropa as an example of applying circular economy principles at the nexus of urban
resilience, food production and land use. The authors believes GrowUp’s approach sets an example for entrepreneurs launching their own climate-related ventures, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, where securing funding and managing stakeholder cooperation, including regulatory bodies, remains a challenge.

The Insight Circular Food Production in the City: Aquaponics Provides Food for Local Markets is available to download on Climate-KIC website.