How to Unlock the Potential of Green Energy and Improve the Competitiveness of Enterprises in Poland through cPPA

cPPA Guide

This report summarises a series of reports on the role of cPPAs and the self-generation of green energy in the energy transition of enterprises, as well as on the problems of implementing these solutions in Poland.

The following reports have been published as part of this series:

  • ESG requirements and business competitiveness. A practical guide for small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Green lifeline Access to clean energy as a condition for the competitiveness of Polish industry.
  • The cPPA as an opportunity for low-cost renewable energy. A practical guide for companies.
  • The untapped potential of cPPAs. Review of regulatory and market barriers.

The first two reports describe the need for consumers to use cPPAs and their impact on meeting ESG targets and the economy’s (in particular industry’s) demand for green energy. The third report aims to give consumers an idea of how cPPAs work and how they can use them. The final, fourth report analyses the regulatory and market barriers affecting the practical applicability of cPPAs in Poland and the prospects for their development, particularly in the context of accessibility for small and medium-sized