Re-energising the European transition

We would like to invite you for Re-energising the European transition – the one-day event on sustainability in practice for finance and business! The conference is organised by the ISFC International Sustainable Finanse Centre, WiseEuropa is a co-organiser. The event is hosted under the auspices of the CEE Sustainable Finance Summit held in Prague.

A year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the energy discussion remains at the top of the political and business agendas in Europe and beyond. The European Union urgently needs to rethink its energy mix, infrastructure, and electricity markets in order to decrease its independence from external actors. Can sustainable finance accelerate the speed of green investments and public-private partnerships, and if yes, how?

Re-energising the European transition is a special one-day event focused on sustainability in practice for both finance and business sectors. It is hosted by independent expert organisations in Warsaw, with the presence senior decision makers from public and private sectors, academia, and other relevant fields.

The event will focus on what sustainability means in practice:

  • how to accelerate change and transform business strategy,

  • how to integrate sustainability in processes and measures,

  • what to prioritise to ensure optimal impact and outcomes for profitability, resilience, and risk management.

The aim of the conference is to inspire, educate, and trigger thought-provoking discussions about how best to tackle climate risk and energy dependence in practice, and what solutions the EU’s Sustainable Finance Agenda offers for the competitiveness of the Polish economy and financial sector. 

28. 03. 2023, Hotel Bristol, Warsaw. KRAKOWSKIE PRZEDMIESCIE 42/44, WARSAW, POLAND, 00-325.



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